1. Q18:
    Cambodia - What is required to get Cambodia Visa and How?
    Most visitors to Cambodia require a visa to enter the country and all travelers must have a passport valid for 6 months after their planned exit from Cambodia.
    Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival at the international airports (Siem Reap and Phnom Penh) without prior registration. These Visas on Arrivals are valid for 30 days, single entry and cost 30 USD and requires one photo.
    Electronic Visas are now available through the Ministry's website with a processing time of 3 days. A scanned copy of the passport and 37 USD paid by credit card will issue an emailed visa which the traveler must print and bring with them. Most border crossings accept eVisa, however it is recommended to double check with the government or AngkorCycling.Com first.
    Visas are available at the Thailand/Cambodian checkpoints however scams are rampant and it is recommended to arrange visas in advance in your home country or through the eVisa program.

    - What is required to get Vietnam Visa and How?
    Most visitors to Vietnam require a visa to enter the country and all travelers must have a passport valid for 6 months after their planned exit from Vietnam.
    Exceptions: Nationals from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Russia traveling to Vietnam and staying for 15 days or less do not need to apply for entry visas, provided that their passport is valid for at least three months and they can show their return ticket. Those who wish to stay longer than 15 days will need to apply for a visa.
    Tourists holding ASEAN passports do not need a visa for a visit up to 30 days. Philippines passport holders do not need a visa for a visit up to 21 days. Japanese and South Korean passport holders do not need a visa for a visit up to 15 days.
    A tourist visa is normally a single entry visa, which means that if you exit Vietnam (for example for a side trip to Cambodia), you will require a new visa to re-enter (or apply for a Multiple Entry Visa). The validity of a Tourist Visa is 30 days and is normally a single entry visa is given unless a multiple entry is requested.
    There are 2 ways to obtain a visa:
    Case 1: Visa application in your country before departure
    In case there is a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in your home town:
    Apply directly at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate. The length of the process can vary.
    In order to accelerate the process, bring the “Approval letter” done by us (see below) + your passport + 2 recent passport-sized photos and fill out the paperwork required. Your visa can then be delivered much faster. A visa stamping fee is charged locally. Fees vary from one country to another.
    Note: A visa requested as a multi-entry at embassies abroad is often issued as a single entry; it is recommended to double-check your visa stamp in passport when collecting your passport. Multiple entry visas can also be arranged on arrival (Case 2).
    Case 2: Pre-arranged “Visa on arrival” at international entry points
    In case there is NO Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your home town:
    Send us all passport details as required below and we will process a pre-approval here from Vietnam. Bring the “Visa pick-up upon arrival approval letter” (see below) to the airline check-in counter. Without this letter airlines may refuse you boarding.
    On arrival in Vietnam, proceed to the Visa on Arrival counter at the airports. You will be asked to fill one more form, give 2 photos and pay USD 25/person (Single entry) and USD 50/person (Multiple entry) in cash before the visa is stamped into your passport and before going through passport control.
    Such a procedure is possible at the international airports in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon and Danang) and at the border of Moc Bai (coming from Cambodia near Ho Cho Minh City – here you need the ORIGINAL paper and a copy will not be accepted – please allow for extra time to have original sent to you by DHL).
    Before departure, prepare some bank notes in US Dollars to pay the visa stamping fee on arrival.
    For both cases mentioned above Angkor Wat Services can facilitate the visa application procedure and obtain the necessary visa pre-approval from the Vietnamese Immigration Department in advance. We need the following details from all applicants:
    -Full name as it appears in your passport
    -Date of birth DD/MM/YY
    -Passport number
    -Issue date and expiry date of your passport
    -Place of issue (e.g. Paris, France)
    -Case 1: Location where you collect the visa, e.g. Vietnam embassy in Paris.
    -Case 2: Arrival date and flight number (e.g. 25th of November 2009 by Vietnam Airlines flight VN532) and Port of entry (e.g. Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Son Nhat airport).
    We will send you in time the official document issued by the Vietnamese Immigration department. In Case 1 it is an “Approval letter”, in Case 2 it is a “Visa pick-up upon arrival approval letter”. The approval process usually takes 5-7 working days. A processing fee is charged for this service. In urgent cases (less than 5 days) an express surcharge will be charged.
    In urgent cases (less than 5 days) an express surcharge of USD 20 will be charged.
    A supplement for DHL fees will be charged in case you need the original document (land crossing Moc Bai from Cambodia to Vietnam).
    Note: All the above information may change without prior notice. It remains the traveler’s responsibility to verify whether or not you are subject to a tourist visa for Vietnam.

    - What is required to get Laos Visa and How?
    Approval is no longer required for visas to Laos. Foreign tourists are generally admitted into Laos for 30 days with a visa on arrival (obtained at most border check points) without prior authorization or for 30 days with a visa issued at a Laotian embassy. This costs 30-42 USD (depending on nationality) and requires the filling in of an application form and two passport photos. An additional 1 USD/person can be charged if you arrive on a weekend or public holiday. Two passport-size photos are required and your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your expected departure date. Please contact your local Laos embassy for the most accurate information.

    Thailand - What is required to get Thailand Visa and How?
    Citizens of 56 different countries can enter Thailand without a visa and be granted a free visa at the airport for a 30-day stay. (NOTE: Most overland arrivals only receive a 15-day visa) Next in length of validity is the tourist visa which is good for 60 days and costs approximately 25 USD, depending on the country of application. Three passport photos must accompany all applications. Please check the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the latest information and full details of your country's visa agreement: http://www.mfa.go.th/web/2637.php
  2. Reliability
  3. Q19: Are you a reliable travel company?
    DEFINITELY YES! We are a registered and legitimate travel company in Cambodia since 1999, and heading to our 20 years in business.
  4. Q20: Is it safe to pay by your credit card authorization form?
    You can make the payment to us by printing out our credit card authorization form, fill in, sign and fax it back to us with front and back side of your credit card. It is a very safe procedure as you did not send your card information by e-mail. Your documents will enter directly into our office, and then submitted to the bank.
    Since this is a signed document, you know exactly whom you make the payment to, and in contrast, we also know that you are the real cardholder.
  5. Q21: Can you give the reference of people who use your services before?
    If you were to become our client, we are sure that you would not want us giving out your name indiscriminately. Therefore, we have enacted this policy of confidentiality with regard to references.
    If you are interested to, please send us the e-mail and we will ask the permission from our previous clients first.
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