Trip Suitability

We want all of our travelers to feel thoroughly satisfied at the end of each day – with no feeling too tired by the mileage, the climbing, or the weather, but feeling like they have really biked somewhere, and therefore we have created a SMILE rating system to help you choose a bike tour well-suited to your abilities.

Our ratings range from to and are based on a combination of distance, terrain, elevation gain, altitude, remoteness, and weather that you will encounter on each bike tour and you can choose which one suit your need from all tours we have ranged. Or you can contact us.

Normal Easy Suitable for all everybody cycle round Angkor National Park. 20k-25k per day.  
Reasonable Leisure travelers who exercise regularly and perhaps go for weekend cycling trips on smooth roads or trails. 35k-50k per day.
Operative Suitable for reasonably fit people who are confident in riding distances. Longer cycling days mainly on tarmac, with potentially jeep trails, broken tarmac but no real off-road. 50k-80k per day.
Challenging Long cycling days and tougher terrain requiring specific experience of more demanding and technical cycling. Routes contain rough tracks, off-road riding skills. Confidently physical condition and bike handling skills. In some cases, the distances may be low but due to heat or altitude, the riding is still a challenge. 
Skilled Cyclists Serious expeditions designed for serious cyclists, which are either unsupported or very long hard tours. Riders should be happy to undertake long tough rides up and down steep mountains or following very technical trails in testing conditions. A high level of fitness required, as well as proven mountain biking or road riding skills. 
  • If you have not biked often, not sure how to change gears, not exercise much. We suggest (Normal Easy) (Reasonable).
  • If you are fit from exercise but never been on a cycling tour, we suggest (Reasonable) (Operative).
  • If you have been evolving with a sport, and cycling, we suggest (Operative) (Challenging).
  • If you are professional cycling, then you take (Challenging) (Skilled Cyclist).
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