1. Q10: Will I receive refund in case of cancellation?
    This is a very important question as it involves MONEY. We have been trying to state all the terms here, so that you can be sure of no surprise later. If you need more information just consult us.
    A) Before the tour starts
    In case you have to cancel your tour after paying the full amount, we will refund to you the 70% of the total amount, provided you notify us before tour date. 
    In case we have to cancel your tour or unable to operate it after receiving your payment, but before the tour starts, you will receive full refund. This is a very very rare instance, resulted from unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as natural catastrophe, political unrest, or sudden cancellation of airline without notice.
    In our travel industry, generally a cancellation fee of 50 or up to 100% cancellation fee is applied if cancellation was made less than a specified number of days. This is another good term we give to you.
    B) After the tour starts
    In case you need to cancel the tour on your own due to illness, emergency need, or dissatisfaction*, the refund will be the amount less the number of days utilized plus 20% cancellation fees. (Just an example of calculation - you had paid  USD 1,000 for 7 days tour, already utilize 2 days; cancellation fee is USD 1000/7 x 2 days + USD 200 = USD 486. REFUND is USD 514).
    In case we have to stop the tour due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as natural catastrophe, political unrest, or accidents, refund less the number of days utilized only. (E.g. As the above example - USD 1000/7 x 2 days = USD 286. REFUND is USD 714).
    Note: The above calculation does not cover International airfare.
    * Dissatisfaction - We put this up fore-front does not imply that we provide low quality of service, but for the rare cases that our clients' expectation is higher than what we can really provide. This is because each individual is different with varied interests, characters, and like & dislike. If you were not satisfied during your tour, please ask for the abrupt termination of the tour, and the cancellation fees will be calculated based on the number of days being utilized as with the above calculation. We will not charge the additional 20% cancellation fees. Please do not utilize all the tour and claim dissatisfy later, as there will be no money left for refund. We reserve the right to charge this additional 20% cancellation fee in case you terminate the tour because of illness or emergency need to leave, but claim "dissatisfaction".
  2. Q11: Will I be satisfied with your service?
    This question is both easy and difficult. The easy part is that we can simply say, like others do - "we are the best and you will enjoy the tour".  In reality this answer is too simple. Being a professional in this field of tourism, we know that there are more factors that will make your trip successful.
    Here is the basic guideline: - Select the hotel category that fits you, such as standard, first or superior class. The quality of the guide who takes care of you is one of the most important factors that will make you enjoyable. Our guides are knowledgeable, well-experienced, service-minded, and can speak English fluently. We can ensure you that we will do the best on our part!
    However, the expectation of people might vary. We have opened a ground up that you can ask for termination of the tour in case of not being satisfied with all terms and conditions as in Q10.
  3. Hotel Reservation
  4. Q12: After I make the hotel reservation, what will I do next?
    Once you made the hotel reservation, one of our Customer Service Executive will immediately proceed with your request. You can expect our reply within 1-2 business days. We will send you a confirmation message for that particular hotel and also the deadline to guarantee your reservation.  In case your request is not available, we will suggest another alternative.
  5. Q13: Why there is a difference in hotel published rate and your special rate?
    The hotel published rates (or called Walk-in Rate, Tariff Rate) are given to the guests who book the hotel room directly. This means that you deal directly with the hotel and it is call "guest account" or "hotel account". Generally, the hotel will collect the payment after you had used the service. However, it is the international practice that travel agents like us will get a rate much cheaper called Agency Rate. Upon reservation, the hotel considers it as "agency account". Although we enjoy lower rate and extend it to our clients, we are fully responsible to collect the payment from the clients and pre-pay to the hotel.
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